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The International Women’s Day is coming

Time:2017-03-10 16:33:38 | click:

In this blooming season of spring, the International Women’s Day is coming. On the March 8, the labor union of Huangyi (Ma’anshan) Industrial Equipment MFG LTD organized Spring Outing Activity with the theme of “walk with beauty, to a better life”.

In the morning of March 8, the labor union of Huangyi (Ma’anshan) Industrial Equipment MFG LTD firstly held a symposium in the conference room and about 20 female employees from office and manufacture department gathered to interact and celebrated the festival. Than, Wu Houyong, the manger of Huangyi , attended the symposium and sent holiday withes and greetings to all of the female employees on the symposium.

After the symposium, the female employees went to the Colorful Stones Rock (Cai shiji) and began their spring tour. We removed the busy work and embraced with the nature. Followed the steps of spring, breathed the fresh air and experiencing kissed by breeze. We deeply feel the cozy of nature and the harmony between people. The laughter all the way and we have a great relaxation on the physically and mentally.

The Spring Outing activity not only embodies the attention and love of the company leadership to the female employees, but also promotes the communication between the sisters. After a full day journey, we back home with pleasure and share the joy with each other. Through this activity, we feel Huangyi is a warm and harmonious family. In future, we will work hard and payoff for Huangyi.
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