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Contact: Mr. Feng
Phone: 0555-5205288
Fax: 0555-5205282
Address: Ma'anshan City Flower Mountain Industrial Zone
URL: www.megaszafa.com


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Pre-sale services: According to customer demand, we will give the customer the first time in the reply, and to recommend the best solution.
Sale of services: For fast delivery time, timely follow-up the progress of production, from raw material procurement to products of the manufacturing process, we always keep pace with customers.

Service: to provide customers with professional training and guidance, while accompanied by the relevant service manual, so that customers can easily use our products and services. Providing customers with 7 × 24-hour service. If you encounter any problems, can contact us by phone, online customer service, e-mail, fax and other means for the first time, we will provide you with professional, quality services.

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